Alpaca wool

Alpaca’s fibers are classified as a luxury fiber. It’s more very resistant, warm and soft than usual sheep’s wool; it doesn’t contain lanolin and it’s available in 20 different natural colors. His touch is comparable to high quality cashmere and it’s well appreciated for its thermal feature, its lightness and its silky touch. It’s not a coincidence that this precious natural fiber was once worn by the Inca emperors.

Alpaca wool is obtained from alpaca hair, a mammal related to camels native from the Andes in south America. Alpaca’s hair has a wavy look which favors its use in the spinning and weaving process. The Alpaca fiber is used to create some of the most precious fabrics in the world and this is why is well loved by fashion stylists and artisans.

Its thinness is a much important characteristic in a good quality hair, the thinner the hair is, the softer the sensation will be. Another important characteristic is the brightness, which is the luminosity of the fiber, this can be ascertained visually. The “Crimp” is another important variable who is referred to waves and ripples and can be viewed in each fiber group: fibers with a low crimp do not offer any elasticity, while fibers with evident crimp have a good elasticity. Elasticity is an important key for the final product, as more elastic products will keep their original form at their best.

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