We are glad to talk about a yarn obtained from Silver in an era in which hygiene, security and wellness are the center of many discussions.
This mixed yarn is capable of giving and performing anti bacterial features to any fiber making them even more technique and unique.
Silver has been used during the centuries to prevent and treat various diseases, especially the infective ones. It is largely documented how ancient romans and greeks already used silver coins to disinfect stocked water and other liquids.
Nasa is still using silver nowadays to keep water pure in Space Shuttles.
Silver indeed has huge antibacterial properties and is able to eliminate microbes and removing bad smells.
One part of silver on 100 million is already enough to use it with its antibacterial function.
Silver is also used in the medical industry thanks to his healing properties on the skin such form various kind of traumas like inflammation, burns, and rashes.
Some technical information
Our yarn comes from Reistex Silver and it’s realized uniting about 0,05 micron of silver (about 20%), 99,9% pure, to a support fabric with a particular and articulated production process.
Silver is treated to be bounded in an irreversible way to the fabric’s surface, and it’s united to cotton, hemp, or other synthetic fibers.

Other fibers