Bamboo is a fast growing plant which contains cellulose and like the hemp, it can be grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and defoliants.

There are various Bamboo species, most of them come from Asia, but there are also in America, Africa and Oceania.

The Bamboo is a plant with a super low environmental impact, it survives just with rain, and doesn’t need irrigation. Bamboo cultivations are appreciated they produce a huge quantity of oxygen and a very low amount of carbon dioxide. They are harvested about each 3 years.

The Bamboo fibers is obtained from the stem through alkaline hydrolysis and multiphase whitening.

The Bamboo fabrics are particularly adapt for the skin thanks to their benefic features. They are capable of absorbing humidity and they are antibacterial. These two features make it perfect for any type of garment, especially for the underwear.

Thanks to its structure, bamboo makes fabrics and related garments highly breathable, with a very high capacity to absorb moisture that evaporates three times faster than traditional cotton, giving freshness for a long time and warding off odors.

The clothes realized with this fibers are soft and this is why they are recommended for the most delicate skins.

Its use is also recommended for bed sheets thanks to its anti- dust mite feature.

This fabric is easy to iron and during the production phase it is very easy to dye, when this is done the fabric obtains a beautiful brightness and chromatic effect.

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