The Cashmere or Cachemire is a pregious natural fiber generated by the hair of the Hircus Goat, more commonly known as cashmere goats (Kashmir Goats), these animals are raised in countries like Iran, Russia, Afghanistan, Turkey, and India. His name comes from the Kashmir, an historic region which is now located between India, Pakistan, and China, where it’s been exported from the first time at the beginning of XIXth century. The most beautiful and precious Cashmere comes from the high lands of inner Mongolia close to China, and it distinguishes itself for the high thinness of its fiber, its length and uniformity. In the outer part of Mongolia, in the northern desert of Gobi, there’s the production of the so called “brown” fiber, while in the inner part of Mongolia the more precious “white” fiber is produced.

It’s a luxury fiber of excellency, its hand is soft and silky, and grants a warm and soft sensation. The thinner part is the hair under the mantle and it’s called duvet, which is the soft and woolly layer, the thicker part with rigid and rough hair comes from the outer mantle and it’s called giarre. When it’s time to harvest the hair from the animal, they get combed during the moulting season during the Spring times. Each animal normally produces about between 100 to 200 gr of hair.

One of the features of the Cashmere is its softness, it is soft and delicate on the skin, and this is why it cannot irritate anyone. This is one of the key points that distinguishes pure and original cashmere from any other imitation. It has three more features to list: it is capable of maintaining warm temperatures thanks to its thermo regulating characteristics, allowing you to wear it in both Winter and Summer, the second feature is its hygroscopicity: Cashmere absorbs humidity thanks to its breathability. The third feature is the antistatic property, which allows it to not attract dust, this guarantees an high level of hygiene all the time.

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