sheep wool

Sheep Wool has always been used for its softness and thermally isolating property, against both cold and hot. Wool is composed by keratin, a similar substance like the one in the hair, and it has a high isolating power, thanks to the air formed between the wavy fibers as well.

The hygroscopicity is an important characteristic which allow the wool to absorb up to 30% of the water without letting you feel wet. Talking about flexibility we speak about the natural elasticity which allows the wool to always come back to its original form making it crease-resistant. Wool is also an antistatic fiber, this means that it doesn’t attract dust and dirt.

One more feature that makes this fiber a protagonist in the sector is its predisposition do dyeing process. This is the reason why it behaves as a basic material with the presence of acid dyes, and it behaves as an acid with basic dyes.

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