The Milk’s fiber is a regenerated protein fiber, principally composed by casein after the removal of the fat part of the milk.

This fiber is realized through the same chemical process used for creating the Viscose.

Thanks to his characteristics, the Milk Fiber is particularly adapt for direct contact on the skin, its antibacterial, antifungal properties are preserved in the fibers and they are still efficient during the time.

The Milk fabrics are smooth and soft to the touch, they well absorb humidity thanks to its hygroscopic nature just like the wool, the Milk fabrics are recommended to create underwear for both adults and newborns.
This fiber can also be mixed with others to create unique and extraordinary looks, it reacts to dyeing process very well.

Despite being used just in the last times, this fiber was originally designed in 1935 by Antonio Ferretti.

Yet, after its initial success, it was quickly substituted by synthetic fibers after the second world war, such as Nylon and Polyester, more resistant and cheaper materials.

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