The Lotus is a flower with an holy and important meaning to both Hinduism and Buddhism, it has been adopted by many oriental doctrines, such Yoga for example. The Lotus Flower is bounded to the concept of purity of the body and the soul, it’s a symbol of spiritual elevation that comes from the roots of the flower, which are capable of letting grow it even in the mud and in adverse conditions.

The Lotus fiber we focused on for our next productions comes from the far Asia, it’s a cellulosic fiber extracted by the flowers and the seeds and it’s totally biodegradable.

The Lotus fiber has various benefic properties for the body as well: it regulates the exchange of temperatures from the skin and it’s breathable. It contains numerous amino acids, and helps to break down free radicals. It has a high concentrated amount of negative ions of oxygen, about 900/cm2, which are useful to our immune system. The life of the plant is given by the water and returns it as a protection to our skins.

The fiber and the fabrics have a soft and smooth hand, and they are recommended for underwear and sportswear.

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