biodegradabile nylon

The Amni Soul Eco Biodegradable Nylon is the performed formula of the 6.6 polyamide, born from the Rhodia-Solvay’s groups research, this allows to create garments quickly and biodegradable. The garments realized with Amni Soul Eco biodegrade in 5 years instead of decades, like for the synthetic fibers. The Biodegradability is accelerated by the special composition and facilitates the digestion of it to the bacteria when put in anaerobic landfill. These wastes can also give life to bio organic material which can also be used to create new resources for the environment and for co generation of electric energy. The Amni Soul Eco respects the environment and it’s able to satisfy the needs of the market with its softness, comfort dyeing quality, breathability and easy-care.

The Amni Soul Eco biodegradability is analized following the ASTM D5511 Method.

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