Himalayanan nettle

The Himalayan Nettle is a precious plant under every point of view. The fiber obtained from it is one of the longest in the world, it is shiny and very similar to silk.

The Himalayan Nettle grows spontaneously in Nepal, where it’s hand picked by the native populations. The hand picking process helps the fiber to keep its original features and length, guaranteeing objective limits in the production. This means that this plant is one of the most echo sustainable plant under any circumstance.
The producer we buy Himalayan Nettle from has created his company to guarantee economic support to the Himalyan villages.
There are various remote villages in Himalya, where people work hard in the subsistence agriculture to live. Arriving at the end of the month is very hard and there are many women who are not paid for their work and have no wain to gain money.
The harvest of the plant when it’s in the wild in the low seasons helps them to gain some money to help their families.
The Himalayan Nettle grows uncontrolled in the Nepalese forests up to 2000mt. The plant prefers wet and soft terrains fertilized by the Yaks and the plant’s sprouts grow up to 3 mt, besides this, the more you cut the plant, the more it will grow.
The harvest of the vertical stems, who reach their max height after 12 months happens each year to leave room to the leaves and the sane sprouts for the next year, which will better absorb Co2.2The annual cut of these plants also helps to prevent the mountains to crumble, this happens because every time new plants help holding things together with their roots.
This Nettle also helps the terrain’s fertility, it preserves its biodiversity and maintains the surrounding ecosystem intact.

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