The Copper Yarn is a friend with wellness. The wellness is given by our daily choices, what we eat and what we wear.

The Resistex Copper Yarn is a mix with other yarns able to give performance and wellness with antibacterial features making any other fiber perfect for unique and technique designs. Nature is capable of giving us whatever we need in different forms.

The Copper Yarn
Incorporating this yarn to another will give specific technique features to the final product, all of the related to the world of wellness.

The Copper Yarn has indeed some unique features: it’s antistatic, this allows it to disperse accumulated electric charges, it has metabolic features that help the body to stay healthy, antioxidant features that help to fight against free radicals and preventing skin aging, and it also has thermo regulating and breathable features which help our sweat to evaporate. The technology this fiber is realized with keeps the properties after infinite washes, which always guarantees the cuprotherapy.

The cuprotherapy is an ancient therapy base on the copper features. Copper jewelry were already used 6000 years before Christ, and people like Aristotle, Galenus, Hyppocrates and Avicenna suggested its use for health benefits. This means that this material has always been to cure and help against pathologies such as arthritis. A research on 300 people suffering this disease has shown how many of them felt better after doing this therapy. The controls have also found out that the bracelets used during the therapy had lost about 50 mg during 50 days. The Resistex Copper Yarn also fight against bacteria dangerous for humans health, it’s antibacterial and doesn’t’ allow them to proliferate. Metals such as copper and silver are notable bactericides and this function is due to their effect on the cell wall of the microorganism. This feature also helps to keep away smells produced by bacteria.

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