alga - seacell

The Algae’s power into a fiber

The Seacell’s fibers are realized with seaweeds who are harvested in the Icelandic fjords and worked in Austria with modern fiber implants from the Lenzig company.
This is a certified and sustainable fiber from both the ethic and environmental points of view.
The harvest is sustainably certified, this is because the harvested part of the seaweed is exclusively the one who can let grow it back again.
The seaweeds are not treated after the harvest, this allows them to keep their benefic feature intact. The process that turns the material into a fiber follows the dehydration of the plant which is grinded after that becoming a cellulose natural fiber. By doing these the properties of the plant are preserved even after being washed.
The product is biodegradable and compostable.

From the sea to the skin

The unique properties of the seaweeds help to protect our skin from the damaging environmental factor we are exposed to everyday. Seaweeds are rich in vitamins, oligoelements, amino acids and minerals. These substances present in the seaweeds help the reactivation of the cellular generation, that can also help to reduce skin inflammations.

The Seaweed fiber is suitable for many things, from sportswear to fashion, from the underwear to the home design.
It is indeed a very versatile fiber that easily combines with other fibers to create unique fabrics and yarns.
The Seacell fiber gives a silky and smooth sensation to any fabric and with its benefic properties it makes any textile project special, satisfying a new generation of buyers who is always looking forward to take care of the environment and the health.

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