Tencel is a fiber obtained by wood’s cellulose, thanks to a chemical process respectful to the environment. The Tencel fibers are naturally soft and smooth, and the fabrics realized with them make a pleasant almost calming feeling on the skin. Tencel fibers are divided in two types: the Tencel-Lyoncell, obtained from Eucalyptus’ wood, and the Tencel Modal from the beechwood.

The Tencel fibers are obtained through a pioneering technology named REFIBRA, which uses a closed circuit process to realize it. The use of resources and energy is reduced to the minimum reaching a high level of environmental protection and conservation of the resources. The REFIBRA technology also involves the recycle of some substantial cotton wastes, coming from example from the clothing production, to this waste is added some wood paste coming from a sustainable and certified forestry. This productive process opens the way to a concept of a more circular economy in the textile supply chain.

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