Combed spinning

The historical Biellese district is where Manifattura Filarte’s headquarter’s been since 1972, this our Combed Spinning’s name, this is a versatile plant which allows us to create pure or mixed yarns from plants, animals and recycled fibers.

The spinning is a very important part of the production process, where the customers are able to understand their technical and aesthetic necessities together with Mauro Vismara.


Filarte is also the final part of the circular activity for the experimental RIFLOC project, which since 2005 aims to reconstruct the Italian textile hemp supply chain.

"Making a thread requires patience, it takes form through an ordered sequence: preparation, spinning, and then winding."

The fibers reach the facility in big pressured bales from which the flakes are going to be moved and rearranged before the carding phase. Following these steps there is the mixing part, and the combing part, where the fibers are separated and paralleled (this is where the Combed Spinning definition comes from). After this process, the threads are then gradually mounted on reels creating a wick.

After obtaining the wick we now enter in the true spinning phase also known as Ring. The single reels are loaded on the Ring which creates a rotating motion that turns the wick in a yarn. This phase ends when the yarn is rolled up on small tubes named bobbins.

There is one last phase named winding. There is one last phase named winding.

Now the yarn is finally ready for fabrics’ and knitting production.

Each one of these activities in controlled by trained and expert hands and clear minds, this tasks are given to the most organized and specialized teams.

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