Maeko 4.0

Maeko Fabrics and Yarns 4.0 has as objective the reconstruction of the Italian supply chain of the textile hemp.

We extract excellent autochthonous fibers from biological selected plantations (Futura75 Variety) in the San Mauro Pascoli area in Rimini’s province, which is used by Maeko as a starting point for the experimental – production of the hemp’s yarns.

Many know it, but also many don’t; in the past century Italy was the second biggest world’s hemp producer right after Russia.

Few years ago, in 2014, Mauro, pushed by his never ending passion, (and with a good amount of craziness), has decided to start over again the agricultural-industrial supply chain for the production of hemp for textile use.

The challenge has been difficult from the beginning, but someone has managed to seize and share this “dream”, making it a realizable project. Mauro has been surrounded by agronomists, farmers, and textile technicians. The sharing of ideas and competences, together with some miraculous meetings, have made the initial project always more concrete.

Mauro & Partners, united with the sole purpose of writing a new chapter that speaks about excellent yarns created with hemp, they are working with all of their resources in this incredible challenge made of courage strength and determination. Every time a customer or a company chooses us and buys one of our products, they are actively participating in the realization of this dream.


Project’s purpose

Our purpose is to become the first italian company able to close the production process which begins from the seed, it passes through various steps which allows to supply raw materials to other companies, this process ends with the products and yarn’s realization for the clothing industry, furnitures, and accessories.

The start up’s beginning point is about the cultivation of specific and selected seeds’ variants ( hemp, nettle, and broom ) which will give rise to autochthonous plantations suitable for the fibers’ harvest through various mechanical steps.

The cultivations’ transformations, which are objects of research and development will reach their maximum production thanks to the use of two patents ( one of which is already registered and in our possession ) allowing us to obtain new raw materials for the alimentary and pharmaceutical industries, the green building, bio plastic, bio-paper, furniture and clothing.

A perfect and efficient industrial chain where the interaction between different productive organizations with the purpose of maximizing the use of resources that would be otherwise considered wastes.

Synthesis and industrial symbiosis

The project aims to realize with a circular economy the complete supply chain of natural fibers.

At the moment Italy’s production of raw material and their transformation is fragmented with single work phases.

The purpose is to activate the whole Italian supply chain giving more work opportunities starting from cultivation and the other processes until the yarning with 100% natural fibers.

Project’s final objective

The objective is the realization of a system capable of developing at 360° natural fibers and obtain various products that will represent the various industries.

These industries are always researching circular economic and sustainable solutions for both the modern evolution and for the new requests from a market who’s always more aiming to sustainability, thanks to the European politics also.

The start up’s Know How allows the execution of the whole process of the fiber’s transformation starting from the seed.

Some machines still have to be purchased and some made ad hoc, these will be indispensable tools for the project’s development in which for which we need a significant financial support.

The start up will be able then to introduce new processes for the realization that are not available in Italy at the moment.

The start up will be able then to introduce new processes for the realization that are not available in Italy at the moment.

The intermediate result from the project consists in obtaining new precious yarns from Italian fibers by completing the pre-industrial supply chain.

This intermediate result would automatically bring to various semi-worked coming from the different steps of the process.

Project’s final result

The final project result at the pre-industrial level is constituted from the start-up of the productive line by obtaining quantity and optimized quality for the sale.

Technological activities

  • Fabrication Technologies and advanced transformation and industrial symbiosis
  • Fabrication Technologies and advanced transformation and industrial symbiosis
  • Technological and innovative devices able to increase the products’ durability and the productive cycle.


Maeko 4.0 industrial symbiosis