03I Bamboo Fabric

Dyed in limited edition
Reproducible on demand

26,00 m

Made in Italy

Navetta tissue:
100% VI-Bamboo OekoTex-FSC
Weight: 80 gr/m²
Height: 142 cm (+-5%)

minimum 1 meter

34 m in stock

Product price

The 031 Bamboo Fabric is a particularly enwrapping and light woven fabric, that despite weighting 80 grams per square metre, it’s never breathable. It’s one of the most requested Maeko products between the continuous fabrics, it’s usually offered in various trendy colors and you can find in our online shop in every season.

Our Article 03I made of 100% VI-Bamboo OekoTex-FSC is highly valued for its soft hand and elegant appearance and in its 100% vegetable identity is very reminiscent of pure Silk. It can be worn all year round because, unlike Silk, it does not get hot and can also be used in the middle of summer.

It’s fresh, breathable anti bacterial , the 031 Bamboo fabric is very useful in the clothing production, it’s largely used in the production of undergarments, shirts, scarfs, pajamas, or sleepwear. It can also be used as an elegant lining for outerwear clothing.

The bamboo fabric is characterized for its easy ironing process and its dyeing results are appreciated by the artisans of all natural dyeings.

Color tune and precautions

The color tune of the natural fabrics may vary depending on the lot.
The quality of the device used to make a preview of each fabric may alterate each article.
We highly recommend to pre-wash your fabrics before cutting and tailoring them to avoid the shrinkage once the item has been already created.

Washing tips

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