Bentos 528
certified wool
10-pack of skeins 

Limited edition
Reproducible on demand

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Made in Italy

Exclusive yarns from Ecolabel IT/016/028 Certified Fibers (end of series)

100% Wool

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Title: 2/28000 twisted on 5 heads – Final title Nm 1/2800

Color: Night blue

Weight: gomitolo 50 gr

Lenght: 125 m

Suggested knitting needles: 2-3 mm

Useful tips: once finished realizing the cloth with our balls of yarn we recommend to put it on a hanger and vaporize it with the iron.

This process makes it possible to uniform the tension between the stitches and the twist turns of the yarn, giving the finished garment a harmonious and compact appearance.

Washing info: hand wash at a maximum temperature of 30° and let dry on flat.

Yarn titling

The count or title of a yarn is the relationship between length and weight.

The ratio of weight and length is called Direct or English Title and is denoted by the abbreviation Ne , while the ratio of length and weight is called Indirect or Numbering Title and is denoted by the abbreviation Nm.

For example: Nm 1/10000 corresponds to 10000 mts of yarn in 1Kg. The higher the title, the thinner the yarn.

The Ne title is used for cotton spinning while the Nm one is used in worsted spinning.