Bergamasca wool
confezione da 10 Gomitoli 

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Made in Italy

Maeko yarn made in our Biella yarn factory

100% Bergamasca Wool

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Lightweight yarn in its natural color

Composition: 100% Bergamasca Wool

Title:  Nm 1/2500

Color: not dyed

Weight: ball 50g

Lenght: 125 m

Suggested knitting needles: 5-6 mm

Useful tips: once finished realizing the cloth with our balls of yarn we recommend to put it on a hanger and vaporize it with the iron.

This process makes it possible to uniform the tension between the stitches and the twist turns of the yarn, giving the finished garment a harmonious and compact appearance.

Washing info: hand wash at a maximum temperature of 30° and let dry on flat.

Bergamasca wool prende il nome dalla località da cui proviene.

Filato a catenella costruito senza l’utilizzo di fili sintetici, 100% naturale, perfetto per essere lavorato a maglia.

Mulesing Free – Cruelty free

Have fun!

Yarn titling

The count indicates the fineness of the yarn; the greater the fineness, the thinner the yarn and the higher the quality and value of the product.

The fineness of fibers, used to make the yarn, determines the characteristics of the yarns and products made.

There are several titration systems for measuring yarns the most widely used are:

Metric Numbering called Nm:

The value is obtained by measuring the length of the wire divided by its weight.

For example: Nm 1/10000 corresponds to 1000 mt of wire in 1Kg. The higher the count, the thinner the yarn. This system is generally applied for measuring in spinning wool, hemp, flax nettle etc..

English numbering called Ne:

The value is obtained by quantifying the number of skeins of yarn along 840 Yard (768 mt) to reach the weight of one Pound (454 g). This metric system is generally used in the garment of cotton spinning.

The conversion from Ne measurement to Nm is obtained by multiplying the value by 1.69.

Maeko uses Metric Numbering Nm