Natural filling 
Double sample 

Limited edition
Reproducible on demand


Made in Italy

Pair of samples for padding - interlining
70% Hemp
30% Biodegradable PLA

Numero Uno article
Weight: 150 gr/m²
Height: 210 cm
Thickness: 10 mm

Bob Rock article
Weight: 300 gr/m²
Height: 210 cm
Thickness: 15 mm


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With these items Maeko aims to offer a unique range of natural fiber fillings, soft components for designers and creatives aimed at highly sustainable productions.
Maeko natural upholstery promotes the consumption of virgin raw materials and important reductions in agro-industrial waste in the Textile Hemp supply chain.
Breathable and heat-insulating padding, made of hemp fiber, is an excellent ecological choice in defense of the cold.
Hemp plantations provide one of the most environmentally friendly fibers in nature; cultivation takes as little as 100 days, requires no pesticides, and it is important to remember that it contributes to nutrition and soil erosion control. Hemp is the most versatile plant on the planet.

These two Items, Numero Uno and Bob Rock, have been blended with PLA fibers and are 100% biodegradable, moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-flammable, and recyclable.

PLA is a polymer produced by fermentation from a carbohydrate source such as corn starch or sugar cane. For production, the corn is first ground wet so that the starch is separated. The starch is then mixed with acids or enzymes and heated. In this process, the starch is broken down into dextrose (D-glucose), the corn sugar. Finally, fermentation of glucose produces L-lactic acid, which is the basic component of PLA.

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