Kant ottanio
Hemp Merino wool 
Single sample 

Limited edition fabric
Reproducible on demand


Sample size: approx cm 24 x 16

Italy preferential origin

Jersey tissue
70% Merino Wool Mulesing Free
30% GOTS Hemp
Weight: 460 gr/m²
Height: 160 cm (+-5%)


9 in stock


Here you can purchase samples of the continuous or reproducible fabrics in their natural colour on request. Each sample measures 24×16 cm and is bound with cardboard with details of the article.
When available in stock, the sample will contain both the ready-to-dye and coat version.

Due to the special nature of Maeko products, it is always recommended to consult the sample before the final purchase of the fabric.
Maeko provides quotes based on quantities, production costs and variables related to raw material availability.

For any needs please request a custom quote to info@maekotessuti.com.

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