Margot pannello
Hemp and Wool
60 x 90cm 

Limited edition
Reproducible on demand


Made in Italy

Margot – panel
Size: 60 x 90cm
Weight: 900 gr/m²
Thickness: 25 mm
40% Italian Hemp
40% Sardinian Wool
20% Biodegradable PLA

Price for 60 x 90 cm panel

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Margot is a natural fiber filling, made in 60x90cm panels with a thickness of 25mm.
These panels are perfect for making upholstery for furniture, seating, cribs, animal beds and more.

Due to its density and composition (ITALIAN HEMP - SARDINIAN WOOL - PLA), it is suitable for thermal insulation when used in the field of Green Building.

Maeko, at company client request, makes customized panels in thickness, density measures and fiber mix. For detailed information and quotes write to giving us a phone number as well.

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