Mengoni Reps
Biological Cotton
Bianco off white 

Dyed in limited edition
Reproducible on demand

24,20 m

Italy preferential origin

Navetta tissue:
100% Biological Cotton:
70% from ricycle (GRS)
30% from biological agricolture (OCS)
Weight: 240 gr/m²
Height: 160 cm (+-5%)

minimum 1 meter

48 m in stock

Product price

RMengoni è una Navetta in armatura Reps 100% Cotone Biologico di cui il 70% da riciclo (GRS) ed il 30% da agricoltura biologica (OCS). Nel suo colore naturale richiama e comunica uno dei valori fondamentali che stanno alla base della filosofia di Maeko: la sostenibilità.

Maeko produces indeed, exclusively in Italy, most of his yarns with precious natural fibers, not the recycled; in this case, Mengoni and Noel are two of the fabrics in which there’s a part of recycled biological fibers.

Both the fabrics are sturdy and resistant. The Mengoni weights almost half the Noel, you can still use them to realize both clothing and home’s accessories. The lightest of the two is the ideal to create soft and light items such as shorts or trousers, jackets, vest, aprons, and tablecloths for any necessity. At the same time it can be useful to create bags, shoppers, laundry bags, pochettes, cases, and back packs.

It is also reccomeded to realize work clothing for those who work in the food industry, bars, hotels and restaurants. The fabric can also be used to create puppets, plushes, and toy’s for kids with a nice “Nordic” look.

Color tune and precautions

The color tune of the natural fabrics may vary depending on the lot.
The quality of the device used to make a preview of each fabric may alterate each article.
We highly recommend to pre-wash your fabrics before cutting and tailoring them to avoid the shrinkage once the item has been already created.

Washing tips

Dyeing and finishing of the fabrics

Maeko offers the possibility of dyeing fabrics and samples. The first bath allows to dye up to 10-34 mts of a fabric.

Each dyeing process can be done on customer’s demand following R.E.A.C.H and G.O.T.S specifications.

Discover our dyeing services and ask for a quote at

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