Silk canvas organza

7m fabric cut


Navetta tissue:
100% Silk
Peso: 25 gr/m²
Height: 147 cm (+-5%)

Il prezzo è riferito ad un taglio da 7 m

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The Organza is Silk is a fabric with a simple weave fabric realized with Organzino yarn, a yarn composed by two thin threads that are first twisted from the right to the left and then paired; this is the reason why it’s a light fabric with a transparent and dull look. 

Although the main characteristic from the Organza Silk is given by a robust and crunchy hand, called raw silk because it’s dyed in raw form and not in the boiled one like other silks. 

The fabric is perfect to create bride dresses with a structured line and wide skirts, even with more layers, it’s also perfect for shirts and home décor and accessories.

Organza tela Marrone, qui è venduto ad un prezzo eccezionale!