Rossini Twill
Tencel-Lyocell hemp
verde bosco 

Dyed in limited edition
Reproducible on demand

62,00 m

Made in Italy

Navetta tissue:
70% GOTS Hemp
30% Tencel-Lyocell
Weight: 350 gr/m2
Height: 170 cm (- 5%)

minimum 1 meter


18 m in stock

Product price

Rossini Twill is a diagonal weave belonging to the Rossini chain of the same name. The Twill weave prevents shape distortion, making the fabric less prone to creasing and well balanced in strength and comfort.

In quanto all’aspetto il Rossini Twill ricorda la texture del denim dei classici Jeans, un’armatura che acquista morbidezza all’uso ripetuto o al solo contatto con il calore del corpo, caratteristiche che suggeriscono l’impiego per la confezione di abbigliamento casual ed unisex come pantaloni, gilet, giacche, giubbotti o capi informali.

Thanks to the aforementioned specifications, Rossini Twill gains in strength, making it the best choice for making garments or accessories requiring greater strength.

In home décor, Rossini Twill is suitable for upholstery and seating of all kinds, and the same applies to the creation of accessories requiring characteristics and properties that only the strongest hemp and Tencel-Lyocell fibre fabrics offer.

Color tune and precautions

The color tune of the natural fabrics may vary depending on the lot.
The quality of the device used to make a preview of each fabric may alterate each article.
We highly recommend to pre-wash your fabrics before cutting and tailoring them to avoid the shrinkage once the item has been already created.

Washing tips

Dyeing and finishing of the fabrics

Maeko offers the possibility of dyeing fabrics and samples. The first bath allows to dye up to 10-34 mts of a fabric.

Each dyeing process can be done on customer’s demand following R.E.A.C.H and G.O.T.S specifications.

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