Set of 3 bath towels

Limited edition


Made in Italy

Bath Towel Set dimension
Shower Towel: 100 x 150 cm.
Face cloth: 100 x 70 cm
Bidet cloth: 50 x 35 cm
Mini cloth: 27 x 27 cm
Art. Chopin 29A
100% Gots Canapa
Weight: 280 gr/m²

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Article - Preferential origin Italy

Certified dyeing: Certificate number GOTS 2018-059 Ed.00B/Rev.00

The 100% Hemp Gots Bath Towels effectively absorb moisture from the body after a bath or shower. They have the advantage that they dry very quickly and, thanks to the natural antibacterial capacity of hemp, prevent the formation of unpleasant odours or the development of mould as is the case with the more common terry towels.

Handcrafted packaging.



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