Habutai Silk 12 Mommi 
Single sample 

Continuous production 
Dyeing and printing process ready


Sample size:

cm 24 x 16 approx


10 in stock


Continuous production single sample.

Continuous production sample

Here you will find the single sample - hardback - 24×16 cm - of each item in ready for dyeing or printing.

Purchasing the single sample of the corresponding article is suitable for those who have already identified the fabric useful for their needs and do not need to know the rest of our collection.

The alternative for those who want to approach the entire range of continuous items, in ready to dye or print, is to purchase Sample Sets of each category Jersey, Shuttle or Silk - not hardback - 24×8 cm.

Maeko provides quotes based on quantities, production costs and variables related to raw material availability.

For any needs please request a custom quote to info@maekotessuti.com.

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