Mikado Shantung Silk
ekrù ivory 

Taglio di tessuto da 3.60m


Navetta tissue:
100% Silk
Weight: 147 gr/m²
Height: 140 cm (+-5%)

Il prezzo è riferito ad un taglio da 3.60 m

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Mikado is a semi-glossy, yarn-dyed and therefore stiff and rather structured fabric suitable for dresses with a flared or wide line. Because it is very fine and expensive-especially in the pure silk version-gowns made from this fabric are usually minimal in style and very clean in line; it is particularly suitable for work that requires a sustained fabric, and in fact in ceremony it is widely used for both elegant jackets and coats.

The version we propose here is made with shantung yarn in the weft; in fact, it has a less smooth and more irregular appearance while retaining its characteristics of extreme elegance and the texture of a yarn-dyed fabric.

Seta Mikado Shantung color avorio ekrù, qui è venduto ad un prezzo eccezionale!