Hemp and Lotus

Dyed in limited edition
Reproducible on demand

41,50 m

Made in Italy

Jersey tissue
60% VI-Loto OekoTex-FSC

40% GOTS Hemp
Weight: 184 gr/m²
Height: 165 cm (+-5%)

minimum 1 meter

2 m in stock

Product price

The Tesla Jersey is born from a Maeko yarn, with an intimate mix from two different fibers.  

Tesla è al 40% in fibra di Canapa G.O.T.S. ed al 60% in VI-Loto OekoTex-FSC

The yarns in intimate mix are used to exalt the characteristics of each fabric, these really unique yarns are capable of conferring to the cloth a unique hand and unique features. It is good to know that during the dyeing process a single yarn can generate particular aesthetic effects, because in some cases the dyeing process can make a mélange effect by coloring just one of the two threads. Both the threads can be dyed with one color and another to create even more particular effects. È bene sapere che, in fase di tintura, un filato in mischia intima può originare particolari effetti estetici ed esaltare l’aspetto creativo dello stilista. La tintura può infatti essere effettuata con una classe di coloranti che agisce su una sola delle fibre, non tingendo l’altra, ottenendo così effetti mélange davvero accattivanti e unici.  Allo stesso modo, la tintura può essere doppia, ovvero una classe di colorante per ciascuna fibra, ottenendo così effetti di contrasto altrettanto interessanti.  

The Tesla Jersey has a soft texture with an airy look that gives the touch of a caress. It’s wrapping and breathable at the same time, this Jersey can be used to create various items, especially for women, light knitwear, deconstructed cardigans, and soft accessories.  

Color tune and precautions

The color tune of the natural fabrics may vary depending on the lot.
The quality of the device used to make a preview of each fabric may alterate each article.
We highly recommend to pre-wash your fabrics before cutting and tailoring them to avoid the shrinkage once the item has been already created.

Washing tips

Dyeing and finishing of the fabrics

Maeko offers the possibility of dyeing fabrics and samples. The first bath allows to dye up to 10-34 mts of a fabric.

Each dyeing process can be done on customer’s demand following R.E.A.C.H and G.O.T.S specifications.

Discover our dyeing services and ask for a quote at info@maekotessuti.com

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