Verdi Canvas
Soft Hand
Light Blue 

Dyed in limited edition
Reproducible on demand

36,00 m

Made in Italy

Navetta tissue:
100% GOTS Hemp
Peso: 115gr/m²
Height: 155 cm (+-5%)

minimum 1 meter

16 m in stock

Product price

Verdi Tela è un tessuto navetta da 115gr/m2 della gamma Maeko canapa 100%.

It’s a historic fabric from Maeko and it’s perfect to realize shirts that thanks to their look and softness are appreciated from the whole family.

It’s one of a kind, the Verdi Canvas is perfect to create items during all the year, from the underwear and pajamas to unisex shirts. During the summer it is not only perfect for shirts, but also for foulards, sarongs, and fresh accessories in general for both day and night.

Thanks to his weight and his hand, which is really soft and wrapping, the Canvas is perfect in a 155 cm height to create baby cot’s and small beds linens.

Maeko highly recommends the use of the Hemp since the first days of our children. This is because of the antibacterial feature from the Hemp fiber, which is also perfect on newborn skins, and gives a micro massage on their skin. These features will guarantee each baby a great comfort during their sleep, a sensation that cotton cannot reach.

Thanks to his transparency and lightness, the Verdi can also be used for nice home decors.

Color tune and precautions

The color tune of the natural fabrics may vary depending on the lot.
The quality of the device used to make a preview of each fabric may alterate each article.
We highly recommend to pre-wash your fabrics before cutting and tailoring them to avoid the shrinkage once the item has been already created.

Washing tips

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