Who we are

Ci crediamo dal 1998

“L’artigianato italiano fa parte della nostra cultura, della nostra manualità e di come viviamo. Maeko vuole tramandare in eredità ed in custodia alle future generazioni un sapere antico, senza rinunciare all’innovazione.
Maeko è vicino ad una produzione consapevole; siamo ricercatori appassionati e creativi.”

Mauro Vismara


“Italian craftsmanship is part of our culture, our manual skill and our lifestyle.
Maeko wants to pass on the heritage to the future generations an ancient knowledge, without renouncing to innovation.
Maeko is close to an aware production, we’re researchers with passion and creativity.”

Mauro Vismara


Maeko Fabrics & Yarns was born from Mauro Vismara’s passion for the Hemp Fibers in 1998, giving freedom to his business and allowing him to definitively abandon his job as an  osteopath to make his first steps into the world of natural fabrics production. This allowed him to unify his passion towards natural resources while following the needs of the fashion industry, while thinking especially about ethic.
He decided to offer novelties to fashion while studying new resources from natural sources and creating new alternative products to give life to interesting woven fabrics and precious clothes.
He worked tirelessly to  always learn something new and keep improving his work, giving his best to ennoble the natural fibers through new modern finishing, granting them seducing and soft hands without distorting their natural identity.
Meanwhile, Maeko acquires a space that’s been used for dyeing process, which has also been useful to spread the use of G.O.T.S certified dyeing treatments.
This activity has the purpose to maintain a strict control on the whole productive system and to keep following the R.E.A.C.H guidelines.
This is how a technical specialized dyeing department was born in Como; this allows it to be able to satisfies anyone’s necessities through his many services. This department is specialized in various tasks, such as the Lab Dip, which is an indispensable tool needed to study samples and limited dyes.

Today, through a constant and dynamic growth, Mauro, with Maeko, realizes high quality fabrics with a controlled supply chain and participates to development of a sustainable economic friend with the nature and respectful to the environment and the men. The various yarns from hemp, nettle, bamboo, linen, biological cotton, alpaca, yak, and much more, are processed by Italian technical experts to be sold in the national and international markets of fashion and furniture.
Each product is aimed to satisfy the needs of those companies who choose to unite ethic and quality, with respect to the nature, deciding to choose the best for their creations.
In 2019 the historic combed spinning company Filarte was acquired and became an integral part of Maeko. This decision was made to acquire the team from Filarte to preserve the heritage and knowledge of our traditions and our country.
The Italian craftsmanship is part of our culture, of our manual skill and and our lifestyle.
Maeko wants to pass on the heritage and leave to the future generations an ancient knowledge, withouth giving up to innovation.


Ricostruire la filiera Italiana della Canapa tessile.



Rebuilding the Italian supply chain of textile hemp.


Thanks to his spinning, weaving and dyeing production districts, Maeko offers custom and personalized services.

Mappa dei distretti di Maeko Tessuti
Mappa dei distretti di Maeko Tessuti