Biological cotton

One of the features of the Cashmere is its softness, it is soft and delicate on the skin, and this is why it cannot irritate anyone. This is one of the key points that distinguishes pure and original cashmere from any other imitation. It has three more features to list: it is capable of maintaining warm temperatures thanks to its thermo regulating characteristics, allowing you to wear it in both Winter and Summer, the second feature is its hygroscopicity: Cashmere absorbs humidity thanks to its breathability. The third feature is the antistatic property, which allows it to not attract dust, this guarantees an high level of hygiene all the time.

It is also good to underline that chemical products are not only used during the growing phase of the plant but also after the harvest, in the factories, where the cotton is turned into a fiber and whitened through the use of heavy metals. This is why classic cotton may cause allergies and irritations to the skin and to your health. On the other hand, Biological Cotton is hypoallergenic and controlled in each phase to guarantee comfort even for the most delicate skins.

The mechanic aspect is different as well, while the classic cotton is harvested through fast machines that ruins the material and the fibers too, Biological cotton on the other hand is hand picked, this allows to the fibers to be softer and durable in the time.

Maeko hopes that the future will allow us to use exclusively Sicilian Biological Cotton for his productions, thanks to the wonderful collaborations with a Sicilian agricultural company which cultivates Biological cotton on hectares in the town of Castelbuono in Contrada Sant’Elia (PA). The transformation through the shelling and ginning process take place in the town of Marina Tusa and they are G.O.T.S certified.

Sicilian Organic Cotton is a project by Manlio Carta, a lively and courageous entrepreneur as we like.

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